The Apono API allows you to extend the abilities of Apono. Using the API you can easily create Access Flows, add integrations, export activity logs and more.

Getting Started

To use the API, you generate an Apono API token. To generate the token, click on your Name on the bottom left corner -> Settings -> Personal API Token or follow this link when you are logged in.


See Authentication for API.

When using the API directly, provide the API token in an authorization header, preceded by Bearer exactly as follows (no initial capital letter or quotation marks):

authorization: Bearer TOKEN

If you are using the API, provide the API_TOKEN in an Authorization header preceded by bearer as follows:

--header 'authorization: Bearer TOKEN'

Otherwise a 401 "Unauthorized" response will be returned:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

    "status": "401",
    "code": "Unauthorized"