VictorOps (Splunk On-Call)

Integrate VictorOps with Apono to control incident and on-call alerts

VictorOps (now known as Splunk On-Call) is a real-time incident management platform that helps you address system issues quickly and efficiently.

VictorOps centralizes the flow of information throughout the incident lifecycle, allowing you to leverage existing contacts, scheduling, and escalation policies for your Splunk alerts.

With this integration, Apono enables you to do the following:

  • Manage permissions according to on-call shifts
  • Automatically update access according to user on-call schedules


Item Description
API ID Unique identifier for the VictorOps API

You can find your API ID in the VictorOps portal under Integrations > API.
API key Key for accessing the VictorOps API

You can find your API key in the VictorOps portal under Integrations > API.


You can either use the default API key or create a new API key for the Apono integration.

Integrate VictorOps (Splunk On-Call)

Follow these steps to integrate VictorOps with the Apono system:

  1. On the Catalog tab, select VictorOps (Splunk On-Call). The VictorOps page appears.
  2. Enter a user-friendly, alphanumeric Integration Name.
  3. Under Secret Store, enter your API ID.
  4. Enter your API Key.
  5. Click Connect.

You can now manage your VictorOps on-call permissions through Apono.