Integrate Zenduty with Apono to control access for managing events and alerts

Zenduty provides end-to-end incident alerting and resolution for site reliability engineering (SRE), DevOps, and ITOps teams.

With this integration, you can manage access to Zenduty for creating incident alerts and response workflows based on Zenduty shifts:

  • Create access policies that are synced with ZenDuty on-call rotations
  • Set grantees to be requesters who are currently on call
  • Allocate the minimum amount of resource permissions needed for resolving incidents with automatic approval
  • Require on-call approvers for developers assisting with incident response


Item Description
Zenduty API key Key for accessing Zenduty REST API

Integrate with Zenduty


Zenduty limits the On-call Get API to 40 calls per minute. In case Apono exceeds that limit, consider reaching out to Zenduty to raise this rate limit.

Follow these steps to complete the integration:

  1. On the Catalog tab, click Zenduty. The Add Integration page appears.
  2. Enter a unique, alphanumeric, user-friendly Integration Name for identifying this integration when constructing an Access Flow.
  3. Under Secret Store, enter your Zenduty Api Key.
  4. Click Connect.


Go to the Identities page to see the most currently synced on-call schedules and members. This integration syncs every few minutes to keep shifts and members current.

Now that you have completed this integration, you can create access flows for Zenduty.