Teams integration

Streamline access management by integrating with Teams. Users can request, view or approve access with a familiar robust interface


Apono allows end users like developers to request, approve and gain access with Teams.

This offers a frictionless, streamlined access management experienced natively in the organization's ChatOps tool.

How to Integrate Teams


  • App Manager permissions
  • Active Directory admin

Step by step guide

In Teams

  1. Login to Teams Portal

  2. Go to Manage Apps

  3. Click Upload new apps

  4. Upload the

  5. Click the Apono app

  6. Change the status of the app from Blocked to Allowed

  7. Review the Permission of the app and click on Review permissions

  8. Accept the requested permissions

  9. Go to Setup policies

  10. Click Global (Org-wide default)

  11. Click Add app

  12. Under Add installed apps, choose Global:

  13. Search for the Apono app and click Add

  14. Click Save and Confirm

  15. Under the Pinned apps, add the Apono app

    • Add apps
    • Click Add
    • Click Save and Confirm

In the Teams App

  1. Open the Teams application and add the Apono app

In Apono

  1. Go to the Apono Admin Portal

  2. Go to the Integration page

  3. In the Catalog, find the Teams integration (under Communication)

  4. Click Connect

  5. You will be redirected to the Microsoft portal, where you will have to approve the permissions:

  6. Click Accept

  7. You will be redirected to the Apono Admin Portal where you should see that the integration succeeded.

Version update

To deploy a new version:

  1. Go to Manage Apps

  2. Click on The Apono app

  1. To deploy a new version, you can click on Upload file


If the Apono app is not in the Teams apps list:

  1. Go to Teams Portal

  2. Open developer mode (F12)

  3. Go to Application

  4. Click Storage

  5. Click Clear site data

  6. Refresh the page