High Availability for Connectors

Deploy active-active HA instances of the same connector

Active-active availability refers to a high availability (HA) architecture, where two or more systems are actively handling requests simultaneously.

HA can provide the following benefits:

  • Provide redundancy by maintaining operations during downtime
  • Distribute requests across multiple active systems to improve load balancing
  • Maximize resource use by employing standby systems
  • Reroute traffic through automatic failover to the remaining active system

Apono leverages HA to guarantee uptime to customers. Our on-premise connector can be deployed with several instances. If one instance is down, HA ensures that others are available to continue provisioning.


Installed connectorActive Apono connector

The connector can be installed in any of the following environments:

Deploy HA connector instances

For HA, you can add instances to an existing connector using the same connector ID.


All connector instances must be the same version. Update any older versions to maintain functionality (AWS | Azure | GCP | Kubernetes).

Follow these steps to add a connector instance for high availability:

  1. From the Connectors page, click Install Connector. The Install Connector page appears.
  2. Select Cloud Installation.
  3. Select a platform for the connector. The permission options appear.
  4. Select a permissions option.
  5. Select an installation method.


    The Apono UI auto-populates the token for the new connector instance.

  6. In the connector installation module, configure the connector ID parameter to share the same value as an existing connector ID in the environment.

    You can find the connector ID of an existing instance on the Connectors page.


    Depending on the environment, the connector ID parameter may appear as any of the following properties:

    • apono.connectorId
    • connectorId
    module "connector" {
        source = "github.com/apono-io/terraform-modules/azure/connector-with-permissions/stacks/apono-connector"
        aponoToken = $APONO_TOKEN
        connectorId = $EXISTING_CONNECTOR_ID
        resourceGroup = $AZURE_RESOURCE_GROUP
        ipAddressType = // "Private" or "None"
        subnetIds = [$SUBNET_ID]
  7. Complete the installation of the connector in your environment (AWS | Azure | GCP | Kubernetes).

Upon completion, you can integrate your HA connectors with your environment.