Slack integration

Streamline access management by integrating with Slack. Users can request, view or approve access with a familiar robust interface


Apono allows end users like developers request, approve and gain access with Slack.

The Apono app also offers Admins an audit channel where they can get push notifications about access requests and their statuses.

How to Integrate Slack


  • App Manager permissions

Step by step guide

The integration is done via OAuth. Once integrated the Apono Slack App will be available for users in your organizational workspace

  1. You can easily connect your organizational Slack workspace. To do so, simply choose Slack from the Integrations Catalog and click Connect.
  2. Choose Allow in the Slack integration pop-up window.



You've successfully integrated Apono with your organizational Slack workspace. You can now check out the Apono Slack Bot in workspace. You can check out this quick guide to the Slack App


  1. Make sure you select the correct organizational Slack Workspace. See upper right corner of the pop-up Slack window to select workspace
  2. If you don't have permissions within to install a Slack Application in your organizational Slack workspace you will see the following error.