Azure Integrations

If your organization uses Azure as a cloud platform, Apono can help you securely manage access to your Azure cloud-based services, subscriptions, and resource groups.

By identifying and transforming existing privileges, Apono can shift your cloud management from broad permissions to on-demand Access Flows. Through our integrations, Apono enables you to perform the following access tasks:

  • Limit Access: Discover existing privileges in Azure and convert them to just-in-time Access Flows.
  • Enable Self-Service Access: Allow developers to request access to Azure services, buckets, and instances via Slack.
  • Automate Approval Workflows: Create automatic approval processes for sensitive Azure resources.
  • Restrict Third-Party Access: Grant third-parties (customers or vendors) time-based access to specific services with MFA verification.
  • Review Access: Audit user cloud access, permissions granted, and reasons for access across Azure.