Kubernetes Integrations

Learn how to integrate and manage access to your K8s cluster

If your organization uses Kubernetes for development, Apono's Kubernetes integrations can help you securely manage access to your Kubernetes containers and databases.

By identifying and transforming existing privileges, Apono can shift your management from broad permissions to on-demand Access Flows. Through our integrations, Apono enables you to perform the following access tasks:

  • Limit Access: Discover existing cluster privileges and convert them to just-in-time Access Flows.
  • Enable Self-Service Access: Allow developers to request access to K8s clusters and pods via Slack.
  • Automate Approval Workflows: Create automatic approval processes for sensitive K8s resources.
  • Restrict Third-Party Access: Grant third-parties (customers or vendors) time-based access to specific containers with MFA verification.
  • Review Access: Audit access, permissions granted, and reasons for access across K8s.