Integrate Apono with PagerDuty for frictionless access management to developers on duty and on-call shifts


  • Access Per Ticket - Enrich Access Flows context with ticket-based and shift-based access.
  • Automatic On-Call Access - Automate access contest to support On-Call shifts context.
  • Breakglass Access - Create Access Flows that support your immediate needs in case of an incident.
  • Justification - Add access justification from your existing assigned incident tickets.

How to integrate with PagerDuty

  1. Go to the Integrations Catalog.
  1. Under User Information, look for PagerDuty and click Connect
  1. In the Add Integration page, click Connect
  1. Enter you PagerDuty details to log into your PagerDuty account
    1. User Email

  1. Come back to Apono - you should see PagerDuty active in the Integrations page:



You’ve successfully integrated Apono with your PagerDuty. You should see the new integration in your Connected Integrations.
You can now use this integration in your existing or new Access Flow. Check this guide out for more information on creating your first Access Flow in Apono.

Using PagerDuty in Access Flows

  1. Navigate to the Access Flows page.
  2. Create new Access Flow or edit an existing one
  3. Set Grantee as on-call shift member:
    1. Select Shifts
    2. Select 1 or more shifts
  1. Set Approver as on-call shift member:
    1. Select Shifts
    2. Select the 1 or more shifts