Requesting Access with Web Portal

Using the Apono web portal to request access and manage access requests


Apono is a platform for Just-in-Time access management that keeps organizations secure and compliant.

Apono makes it easier for DevOps, DevSecOps, IT and IAM Ops to manage access, reduces risk of human error and attack and eliminates the need for clunky IT service management systems in your everyday work.

If your organization is using Apono, access to cloud resources in development, CI/CD, data repositories, cloud infrastructure and more is managed centrally.

Use our web portal for an easy to use interface for access requests, approvals and access details.

With the web portal

Open access requests

  1. Visit the Apono portal

  2. In the My Requests home page, you'll find a list of all Open requests:

    1. Granted access

    2. Requests pending approval

  3. Click on any request to see more details:

    1. Bundle name
    2. Justification
    3. Approver(s)
    4. Requested resources and permissions
    5. Access details including credentials and session login instructions
  4. When viewing your resources and permissions, click on any Resource Type to filter

  5. Reset credentials to granted access. NOTE: if access was granted with a bundle, resetting credentials will impact the entire bundle

  6. When finished with the access, you may click the Revoke button in the table to revoke the access for yourself, or simply wait for the expiration time.

Closed access requests

  1. From the My Requests page, click the Closed Requests tab

  2. You will find a list of all historic requests:

    1. Expired access
    2. Rejected requests
    3. Failed requests (due to technical error)
  3. Click the Request Again button to resubmit the same request. You will be required to insert a justification.

    1. The new request will appear in the Open Requests tab.
  4. Click on any request to see more details:

    1. Bundle name
    2. Justification
    3. Approver(s)
    4. Requested resources and permissions

Requesting new access

  1. From the My Requests page, click the New Request button or click New Request from the left menu
  2. New request:
    1. Pick one integration
    2. Pick one resource type
    3. Pick resources (up to 1,000)
    4. Pick permissions (according to the integration and resource type, you may choose one or more permissions)
    5. Add a justification
    6. Click submit
  3. The request will now be submitted for automatic or manual approval, based on the Access Flow set by your Admin. Follow the My Requests page to learn more.
  4. You can also follow updates via email and Slack/Teams.

Access statuses

  • Pending: waiting for the approver(s) to approve or reject
  • Granting: the request is approved and Apono is provisioning the access
  • Granted: you have successfully been given access. Check the Access Details to learn about logging in.
  • Expired: Your access time is up and access is revoked.
  • Rejected: the request was automatically rejected or rejected by approvers
  • Failed: An error has occurred. Contact your admin.