Installing the Apono HTTP Proxy

This proxy is used by Elasticsearch, Web App and more.

Step By Step to installing the HTTP proxy

Deploy with Kubernetes

  • Set the following env vars:

KMS_KEY_ID value should be the OidcSignerKey created by Apono-Connector CloudFormation stack:

  • Install envoy proxy with helm:
helm install envoy-proxy \
    --namespace $K8S_NAMESPACE \
    --set-string jwks=`aws kms get-public-key --key-id $KMS_KEY_ID --output text --query PublicKey | awk '{print "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\n"$1"\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----"}' | docker run -i danedmunds/pem-to-jwk:latest | awk '{print "{\"keys\":["$1"]}"}' | openssl base64 -A` \
    --set-string tls=true \ # if destination is https
    --set-string accessLogs=true \ # if you want access logs to be written

What’s Next