Installing a connector with Docker

To manage access to on-prem resources with Apono, install a connector as a Docker Container


If you want the flexibility of installing the Apono connector on any machine, a docker container is a great alternative.

Step-by-step guide


  1. A docker installed on any machine
  2. An Apono token
    • Find Your Integration Token:
      1. Select any integration in the Catalog.
      2. Under the Connector section, select Add a New Connector from the drop-down list
      3. Copy the token displayed toward the bottom of the section. This token is unique per account.


  1. In the following command, replace the variables:
    1. Replace APONO-TOKEN with the token you copied in the Prerequisites
    2. For CONNECTOR_ID, insert any name of your choosing
  2. Run the command in the terminal:
export APONO_TOKEN=[the token you copied from Apono Add Connector flow]
export CONNECTOR_ID=apono-connector

docker login -u apono -p $APONO_TOKEN

  1. That's it!


  1. If done correctly, you should see your docker Connector in the new integration dropdown list, or in the Connectors page