Approving Access with Web Portal

Using the Apono web portal to approve or reject requests


Apono is a platform for Just-in-Time access management that keeps organizations secure and compliant.

Apono makes it easier for DevOps, DevSecOps, IT and IAM Ops to manage access, reduces risk of human error and attack and eliminates the need for clunky IT service management systems in your everyday work.

If your organization is using Apono, access to cloud resources in development, CI/CD, data repositories, cloud infrastructure and more is managed centrally:

  • Admins in the organization set Access Flows which determine who can access what, with how permissions and for how long.
  • Developers that need access use Slack, Teams, or CLI to request access
  • Access is automatically approved
  • Members of the organization that are set as the approvers must approve the request with Slack or Teams (see guides below)

How to use it:

How it works

Approving access in the portal

  1. Visit the Apono portal
  2. In the My Tasks page, you'll find a list of all Open requests Pending your approval
  3. Click any open request to see more details:
    1. Bundle name
    2. Justification
    3. Requester
    4. Requested resources and permissions
  4. Click Approve or Reject based on your decision for this request