Updating a connector in Azure

Learn how to update a connector through the Azure CLI

Periodically, you may need to update your Azure connector to help maintain functionality, performance, and security.

This article explains how to update and redeploy a connector through the Azure CLI.


Apono TokenAccount-specific Apono authentication value

Use the following steps to obtain your token:
  1. On the Connectors page, click Install Connector.The Install Connector page appears.
  2. Click Azure > No, Just Install The Connector > CLI (Container Instance).
  3. Copy the token in step listed on the page in step 1.
Azure Command Line
Interface (Azure CLI)
Open-source tool that enables interacting with Azure services using your command-line shell
Resource Group NameName of the Azure resource group
Subscription IDIdentifier for the Azure subscription
User Access Administrator RoleAzure subscription role that enables managing user access to Azure resources
User Administrator RoleMicrosoft Entra ID role that enables the following tasks:
  • Create and manage users and groups
  • Reset passwords for users, helpdesk administrators, and user administrators

Update a connector

To update an Apono connector for Azure, follow these steps in the shell environment with Azure CLI installed:

  1. Set the APONO_CONNECTOR_ID environment variable to your chosen connector ID.

    export APONO_CONNECTOR_ID=apono-connector
  2. Set the APONO_TOKEN environment variable to your account token.

    export APONO_TOKEN=abcd1234-e5f6-7g8h-90123i45678
  3. Set the SUBSCRIPTION_ID environment variable to the Azure subscription ID.

    export SUBSCRIPTION_ID=abcdef01-23456789-0abc-def012345678
  4. Set the RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME environment variable to the Azure resource group name.

    export RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME=myResourceGroup0816
  5. Set the REGION environment variable.

    export REGION=$(az group show --name $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME --query location --output tsv)
  6. Run the following command to deploy an updated version of the connector on the Azure Container Instance service.

    az container create --subscription $SUBSCRIPTION_ID --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME --name $APONO_CONNECTOR_ID --ports 80 --os-type linux --image registry.apono.io/apono-connector:<<connectorVersion>> --environment-variables APONO_CONNECTOR_ID=$APONO_CONNECTOR_ID APONO_TOKEN=$APONO_TOKEN APONO_URL=api.apono.io CONNECTOR_METADATA='{"cloud_provider":"AZURE","subscription_id":"'"$SUBSCRIPTION_ID"'","resource_group":"'"$RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME"'","region":"'"$REGION"'","is_azure_admin":true}' --cpu 1 --memory 1.5 --registry-login-server registry.apono.io --registry-username apono --registry-password $APONO_TOKEN --location $REGION --assign-identity --query identity.principalId --output tsv
  7. On the Connectors page, verify that the connector has been updated.