Compliance: Audit and Reporting

Apono satisfies compliance standards and helps automate audits and reports


Tech companies and vendors must stay compliant with multiple standards and regulations depending on the territories and markets they operate in.

This means spending a lot of time putting together audit logs and reports yearly, quarterly, or even daily.

Apono, a SOC 2 type II certified vendor, has you covered - automate full audit and reporting on your organization's access to auditors, GRC teams and SIEM/ITSM/compliance tools:

Stay compliant with Apono

Apono's centralized access management platform has helped many companies seamlessly pass their compliance audits and satisfy SOC 2, SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CSA, CCPA and other standards and regulations.

With Apono, you can satisfy requirements for segregation/separation of duties, least privilege, PII and customer data protection, and more.

Audit and reporting with Apono

Apono helps you pass audits and stay compliant with:

Full, detailed activity logs:

  • Use the Apono UI to see every access request: who asked access to what, with which permission, and when.
  • Easily filter the exact integration, resource type, permission, user or request status you need
  • Revoke active access with the click of a button

Automated reports

  • Create, save and download reports on the exact integration, resource type, permission, user or request status you are required by security or compliance partners
  • Schedule reports to be sent to any recipient. Need to produce quarterly access reports? Done!

Follow requests in Slack

  • We supply an out-of-the-box activity channel for Apono admins in Slack
  • Every access request will be logged in the central Slack channel
  • Follow access requests whenever, even from your phone

Stream Apono events to critical systems

  • Working with IT service management, compliance or SIEM tools? Send Apono requests to other tools in real time
  • Export CSV logs to your different tools and systems


COMING SOON: Use Webhooks to push events directly into your security and compliance apps

Apono compliance

Apono is SOC 2 type II compliant



Who uses Apono?
Many different industries use Apono ranging from insurance, retail, financial and more.

How do users authenticate to the platform?
Users can authenticate using the organizational identity provider or directly with MFA strictly enforced.

Feel free to email any other questions to [email protected]