Updating a Kubernetes connector

Learn how to update a connector through the Helm CLI


Periodically, you may need to update your Kubernetes connector to help maintain functionality, performance, and security.

This article explains how to update a connector through the Helm CLI.


Cluster admin accessCluster admin access to the cluster to integrate

The cluster admin access can be the built-in cluster-admin role or equivalent permission level.
Helm Command Line Interface (Helm CLI)Command-line interface used to manage Kubernetes applications

Update a connector

Use the following steps to update an Apono connector for Kubernetes:

  1. In the shell environment, run the following helm upgrade command to pull the most recent connector version.

    helm upgrade apono-connector apono-connector --repo https://apono-io.github.io/apono-helm-charts \
        --set-string apono.token=[APONO_TOKEN] \
        --set-string apono.connectorId=[CONNECTOR_NAME] \
        --set serviceAccount.manageClusterRoles=true \
        --namespace apono-connector \
    apono.connectorId stringID for the connector
    apono.token stringToken value obtained from the Apono UI
    serviceAccount.managerClusterRoles booleanConfigures whether the connector also manages access to the cluster on which it is deployed

    The value of serviceAccount.manageClusterRoles should be based on whether the installation has been set up to manage the cluster roles or not.
  2. On the Connectors page, verify that the connector has been updated.