Requesting Access with Slack

How to request access to resuorces using Slack


Apono is a platform for Just-in-Time access management that keeps organizations secure and compliant.

Apono makes it easier for DevOps, DevSecOps, IT and IAM Ops to manage access, reduce risk of human error and eliminate the need for IT service with your everyday work.

Apono provides central management of cloud resources for development, CI/CD, data repositories, cloud infrastructure and more.

Slack is a convenient method for requesting access to resources. Depending on the Access Flow, access may be granted automatically or only upon approval by the appointed account member.


  • You must either be a user or group member in the administered account and have been included in an Access Flow for the requested resource.
  • Your Admin must install the Slack Integration to use Slack. If the Apono app appears in the Apps section of your Slack application, then you are set.

Request Access

  1. Type /apono from any Slack channel.
  2. A pop-up asks you to select the integration:
  1. Next a request form is displayed:
  1. The form is automatically filled with values from the original Access Flow. Change anything or add to the fields as required. Click Submit when you are done.
  2. Follow your request by typing /apono my requests into Slack.
  3. Here are the status messages you may see:
  • Pending: waiting for the approver(s) to approve or reject
  • Granting: the request is approved and Apono is provisioning access
  • Granted: access has been granted. Check Access Details to learn about logging in.
  • Expired: Your access time is up has been revoked.
  • Rejected: the request was rejected either automatically or by the approvers
  • Failed: An error has occurred, and you need to contact your admin


Use the Access Details

If your access is approved, you will receive a link to the Access details.

Follow the instructions to log into the app or resource.

Click the Access details and copy the credentials. Save them in a safe place, because they only appear this one time, after which you will be required to reset the credentials.

When you have finished with the resource, you may Revoke access in Slack or just allow it expire.

Next Steps

Slack Shortcuts

  • Request access anywhere in slack /apono or /apono request
  • View your current access requests and details /apono my requests
  • Get familiar with Apono Slack commands /apono help


Refer to Troubleshooting Errors for information about errors that may occur.