Updating a connector in Google Cloud

Learn how to update a connector through the Helm CLI

Periodically, you may need to update your Google Cloud connector to help maintain functionality, performance, and security.

This article explains how to update a connector through the Helm CLI.


Apono TokenAccount-specific Apono authentication value

Use the following steps to obtain your token:
  1. On the Connectors page, click Install Connector. The Install Connector page appears.
  2. Click GCP > Install and Connect GCP Project > CLI (GKE).
  3. Copy the token in step listed on the page in step 1.
Helm Command Line Interface (Helm CLI)Command-line interface used to manage Kubernetes applications
Owner RoleGoogle Cloud role that provides full access to most Google Cloud resources
Project IDIdentifier for the Google project

Update a connector

To update an Apono connector for Google Cloud, follow these steps in the shell environment:

  1. Set the APONO_CONNECTOR_ID environment variable to your chosen connector ID value.

    export APONO_CONNECTOR_ID=apono-google-integration
  2. Set the APONO_TOKEN environment variable to your account token.

    export APONO_TOKEN=abcd1234-e5f6-7g8h-90123i45678
  3. Set the PROJECT_ID environment variable to the Google Project ID.

    export PROJECT_ID=my-project-12345
  4. Set the GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL environment variable.

    export GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL=apono-connector-iam-sa@$PROJECT_ID.iam.gserviceaccount.com && 
  5. Run the following helm upgrade command to pull the most recent connector version.

    helm upgrade apono-connector apono-connector --repo https://apono-io.github.io/apono-helm-charts \
        --set-string apono.token=$APONO_TOKEN \
        --set-string apono.connectorId=$APONO_CONNECTOR_ID \
        --set-string serviceAccount.gcpServiceAccountEmail=$GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL \
        --namespace $NAMESPACE \
  6. On the Connectors page, verify that the connector has been updated.