Google Workspace (GSuite) Groups

Create an integration to manage access for sets of people in your Google Workspace


Groups in Google Workspace allow for communication and collaboration within an organization. Administrators can create groups to manage settings and access to services for different sets of users. Users can utilize groups for activities, such as team communication, document sharing, and meetings.

Through this integration, Apono helps you securely manage access for sets of users in your Google Workspace.


The groups feature in Google Workspace differs from the Google Groups product.


Before starting this integration, be sure to acquire the items listed in the following table.

Apono ConnectorOn-prem connection serving as a bridge between a GCP instance and Apono
Apono PremiumApono plan providing the most features and dedicated account support
Google Workspace Super Admin RoleUser role enabling your user account to configure settings in Google Workspace
Google Workspace Customer IDUnique account ID

On the Account settings page, under Profile, copy the Customer ID.

Assign Apono admin role

In your Google Workspace, you must add the service account associated with the Apono connector to the Groups Admin role.

Admin roles page in Google Workspace

Admin roles page in Google Workspace

Use the following steps to assign this role:

  1. On the Admin roles page, hover over the Groups Admin row. Several menu options appear.
  2. Click Assign admin. The Groups Admin page appears.
  3. Click Assign service accounts. The Assign role - Groups Admin modal appears.
  4. Under Add service accounts, enter apono-connector-iam-sa@$ Be sure to replace $PROJECT_ID with the project ID where the connector is installed.
  5. Click ADD.
  6. Click ASSIGN ROLE.

Integrate Google Groups

Use the following steps to complete the integration:

  1. On the Catalog tab, click Google Group. The Connect Google Group page appears.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select a connector.


    If the desired connector is not listed, click + Add new connector and follow the instructions for creating a GCP connector.

  1. Click Next. The Complete setup page appears.
  2. Enter a unique, alphanumeric, user-friendly Integration Name. This name is used to identify this integration when constructing an Access Flow.
  3. Enter the Google Workspace Customer ID.
  4. Click Connect.

Now that you have completed this integration, you can create access flows that grant permissions to groups within your Google Workspace.