Google Group


  • Google Workspace super admin privileges
  • Connector installed in GCP with a service account

Google Configurations - Steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Navigate to Account > Account settings

  3. Copy the Customer ID value (to use on the next steps)

  4. Navigate to Account > Admin roles

  5. Assign admin for "Groups Admin":

  6. Click on "Assign service accounts."

  7. Type the connector service account email - it should be apono-connector-iam-sa@$ (replace the $PROJECT_ID with the project-id the connector is installed at)

  8. Click Add

Apono - Connect Google Groups integration

  1. Go to the Apono catalog
  2. Look for "Google Group" integration and click Connect
  3. Type integration name
  4. Choose your GCP connector
  5. In Customer ID, use the one you copied in the previous step above