How to integrate JumpCloud with Apono to manage access of users and groups.


Apono's integration syncs your JumpCloud organization's groups and users, so you can easily define access policies for them.


  • log in to JumpCloud as an Admin User with read-only permission. See Jumpcloud's Admin Roles for information about creating one.
  • Have a JumpCloud admin API Key ready.

Complete the Integration

Get API Token from the JumpCloud Admin UI

  1. Log into your JumpCloud organization with the Apono dedicated admin user
  2. Click on your Profile (icon with your initials)
  3. On the menu click on -> My API Key
  4. Copy admin API Key

Integrate Apono with JumpCloud

  1. Log into Apono
  2. Go to the Catalog page -> IDP integrations section
  3. Click on Connect JumpCloud
  4. Specify the integrations details:
    • Integration name – type the name of the integration
      When building an Access Flow you will reference this name
    • Admin API Key – paste the Admin's API key
    • Custom Manager Field Name - Specify the custom attribute name for Manager context. For more information go to the Manager Attribute section.

You should notice the new JumpCloud integration in few seconds

Manager Attribute

The Manager Attribute is used by Apono to determine how it finds each user's manager within the JumpCloud system. By specifying the attribute name, Apono can accurately locate the manager associated with each user. If the attribute name is not specified, Apono will default to using JumpCloud's predefined attribute, which is manager.

If you prefer not to use JumpCloud's default method, you have the option to utilize Custom Attributes in JumpCloud to specify the user manager.

It is important to note that the manager attribute must contain either the manager's email address or their ID (JumpCloud user ID).

For more information about the manager attribute, see JumpCloud Manager Context, along with Custom Attributes for general information about custom attributes.

Possible issues

  • User doesn't have the right privileges - creating a new admin user maybe will need a new company's email.

Next Steps

With a successful connection to JumpCloud, you can now create Access Flows for the resource.



Refer to Troubleshooting Errors for information about errors that may occur.