Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Integrate Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with Apono to manage access for users and groups


Apono's integration with Azure AD allows you to easily synchronize your Azure AD users and groups with Apono, and then define access policies for them.

This integration does not require installing a connector in Azure, since it is only syncing with Azure AD. If there are other AD resources, such as storage or databases, then a connector would be required.


  • Azure AD account with admin privileges, such as Global Administrator.

Connect Apono to Azure AD

  1. Open the Catalog, and select Azure AD .
  2. On the next page, click Connect:
  1. Log in to Azure AD with your admin account:
  1. Click Accept to allow Apono to access the Azure AD service.
  2. Find the new Azure AD connection in the Integrations > Connected page:

Apono is now connected with Azure AD, and the details show that users and groups have been synced.


The Apono connector for Azure AD has been installed, and the integration is complete.

Visit the identity page to see users synced by Apono from Azure AD, managers and groups.

Next Steps

You can now create Access Flows with Azure AD identities.

  • You can set requesters to be Azure AD users or members of a group
  • Approval can be set to Automatic, or by Azure AD individual user, group members, or on-call shift if you integrated Apono with your incident response tool.



  • Apono requires that you log into Azure with an organizational account.