Creating Secrets in Google Secret Manager

Create a secret for your GCP integration

A connector uses a secret to connect Apono to the GCP environment cloud resources without storing any credentials. For GCP-based integrations, secrets are created and managed through Google Secret Manager, a centralized, secure repository for storing this confidential information.


Google Secret ManagerGoogle solution for secure secret storage, key management, and certificate management

For more information on enabling, assigning, and authenticating Secret Manager, see Google’s documentation.

Secret Manager PermissionsApono-specific permissions that allow the Secret Manager Secret Accessor to access your secret

To ensure that the Apono Connector can retrieve the secret, assign the following Secret Accessor role on the project or organization:


Create a Google Secret


For more information on creating secrets, see Google’s documentation.

Follow these steps to create a secret in Google Secret Manager:

  1. In Google Secret Manager, select Create Secret. The Create Secret page appears.
  2. Enter an alphanumeric Name for the secret.


    The secret name can contain hyphens and underscores. The maximum allowed length is 255 characters.

  3. Click Create secret.


    Once the secret has been created, you can retrieve the secret version ID to reference in your code.