Updating a Connector in AWS

This guide is intended for admins managing a Connector in an AWS environment

Update a Connector

In our neverending efforts to improve and expand capabilities, from time to time you may be required to update the Connector stack.

Updating the Connector can be done by executing the below command in your aws-cli

  • Verify you have credentials for AdministratorAccess - AWS "Command line or programmatic access".

Connector update script

aws cloudformation update-stack --stack-name apono-aws-integration --template-url https://apono-public.s3.amazonaws.com/cloudformation/aws_integration_with_connector_template.yml --parameters ParameterKey=AponoConnectorId,UsePreviousValue=true ParameterKey=AponoConnectorToken,UsePreviousValue=true ParameterKey=ExternalID,UsePreviousValue=true ParameterKey=SubnetIDs,UsePreviousValue=true ParameterKey=VpcId,UsePreviousValue=true --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

Important: Replace the stack name with the stack name in your Cloud formation



  • In case you get the below error, make sure the stack-name is correct:
    An error occurred (ValidationError) when calling the UpdateStack operation: Stack [stack name] does not exist*
    The stack-name can be found here